Laboratory of Cellulose, Pulp and Paper Sciences




  Our lab activities cover wide research fields from fundamentals to applications of cellulose, chitin and other polysaccharides.

  Chemical and nano-structural studies on plant cells and plant components such as cellulose and hemi-cellulose are in the category of fundamentals. Investigations on the preparation, characterization and utilization of new bio-based nano-materials and nano-composites developed in our lab are included in applicational studies. Development of paper devices for medical/electronic applications is also handled in our lab.

  For further quantitative utilization of biomass materials in high-tech fields and for the establishment of sustainable and eco-friendly society using renewable resources, fundamental and applicational studies of polysaccharides and related researches are under development based on deep and diverse under-standings of natural/synthetic polymers from molecular/nano level to bulk materials.

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